Wavier Than Thou

Wavier Than Thou

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Wavier Than Thou

Shera's Hair Closet



Now we're talkin' waves galore. Want that feel of fun, playful, seductive and cute type of hair, all at the same time? This is it! It's still care free, but does give you that natural frizz and a good amount of volume.


Ethically sourced from various villages throughout South East Asia. Each bundle is RAW (100% unprocessed) from a single donor, therefore NO two bundles will be the exact same, but will be similar. All bundles can be shampooed, heat styled and coloured.

Blends well with fine or coarse hair.


TEXTURE: Wavier Than Thou 2C

LUSTER: Medium to Low Luster


ORIGIN: South East Asia

LIFE SPAN: 3-5 years with proper hair care maintenance

WEIGHT: 3.5oz to 4 oz