Berry Curly

Berry Curly

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Berry Curly

Shera's Hair Closet

Lush, fluffy, full of bounce, defined, voluminous, dramatic, angelic, radiant, admirable, sensual. How else can you describe the perfect curl? A fantastic option for that dreamy vacay hair or great for a wash and go look.


Ethically sourced from various villages throughout South East Asia. Each bundle is RAW (100% unprocessed) from a single donor, therefore NO two bundles will be the exact same, but will be similar. Colours range from natural gray to natural black/brown. Blonde bundles are carefully prelightened to maintain its hair texture and its integrity. All bundles can be shampooed, heat styled and coloured.

Blends well with fine or coarse hair.


TEXTURE: Berry Curly 3B/C

LUSTER: Medium to Low Luster


ORIGIN: South East Asia

LIFE SPAN: 3-5 years with proper hair care maintenance

WEIGHT: 3.5oz to 4 oz